Park Slope - Brooklyn

Park Slope



That new car feeling

Everyone loves that feeling you get when you buy a new car. No unexpected stains or weird smells. It drives nice and does not have one scratch on it. That is the feeling we were able to bring to our park slope clients. The had an existing rooftop deck that was falling apart. So, we came in and installed a brand new one. We had to construct this rooftop in a unique way as we had different challenges to address. Normally we install ipe deck tiles on a pedestal system. Since the rooftop did not have a railing system tied into the parapet walls, we had to figure out a way to tie them into the decking system. We created a framing system for the tiles to sit on and tied the knotty cedar railings into that framing. We then installed some beachful outdoor lights and voila’ that brand new car feeling.

Completed in 2020